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Hey i got the info and it took all of 10 minutes to tie in, that was the right combo and i'm done with the column. I don't have to worry about getting my leg caught in the steeering wheel anymore now with the hi/lo beam on the column.As far as the way i mounted the column in the dash i used the original bracket from the firebird and just welded a piece of 1" flat stock on the underneath of the bracket on the new column,i had to put a relief cut on each side and then bend the overhanging flat stock to match the bottom of the dash.I then just welded the gap,which only went from1/8' to nothing on the 1" flat stock.I drilled and bolted that wheremy original column bolted.That took care of the top,as far as the firewall bracket, i just ground the firebird bracket welds off and moved the bracket up about2" and the angle happen to be real close. i bolted it and re tacked it.
The shaft was pretty straight forward,i forgot to mention i brought the lower bracket up about 1" to get the swivel joint on the column at better angle.After the swivel there is a male piece with 2 flat sides that slides into a female,which most steering shafts have.The female end that went totally round i cut about at the 1 ft length, that i.d of that tube was the o.d of my original shaft, so i just slide it over and welded it together.As far as having the exspansion piece at the top and the same one on the bottom from the old set up i just collapsed the firebird one and just welded that.I still have a exspansion piece at the bottom.
Well thats it, Thanks for all the tech info, Mike


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Glad it worked out, happy I could help. Sorry I missed the seperate brake/signal light thing on the
Firebird the first time.

It was having th hi/lo switch on the column that worried me. After years of stepping on the button I didn't
want you to try to use the new column lever with your foot. Guess it wasn't that good of a joke if I had to
explaine it.

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