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Baja Designs Squadron® SAE Upgrade Program
With the release of our new next-generation Squadron® SAE light, Baja Designs is offering upgrades to all our previous generation Squadron® SAE owners at no cost! We want all of our current SAE owners to experience the latest in our street legal light technology and will upgrade your previous generation SAE lights for you. To take advantage of this unique opportunity, customers can send in their 1st generation Squadron® SAE lights to our office for upgrading the internals including circuit boards, optics, and lenses. We will then return your lights at no expense. This offer is open to all Baja Designs customers with 1st Generation Squadron® SAE lights. For any questions related to the SAE Upgrade, you can send an email to [email protected]
To upgrade:
  • Completely fill out the RMA form(link below), and include it in the package with your lights
  • RMA Number will be your last name, followed by SAE ex: SmithSAE
  • Send with Attention to:
    Baja Designs/SAE Upgrade
    2950 Norman Strasse Rd.
    San Marcos CA, 92069
SAE Upgrade RMA Form : sae-upgrade-program - Baja Designs - Off-Road LED & Laser Lights | Automotive, Jeep, Truck, UTV, ADV, Dirtbike
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