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All ATV Grand Prix - Richaland, WA - May 22, 2004

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Grand Prix ATV Racing - 6 mile laps using groomed desert trails and established tracks.

Horn Rapids ORV Park, Richland, Washington

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I just finished Sunday doing a race at the Horn Rapids ORV Park. I had a really great time. There was about a 50 quad turn out. The course was awesome, but it's not a course I would reccomned to anyone with stock suspension. Most all of the desert parts were wooped out. It wasn't like big woops either, it was the little tiny ones. So if you had good suspension, you could just grab a handfull of throttle and hold on. It was about a 10 mile course, so this one in May, I guess will be a different course. Also, there wasn't too much room to pass. But all together it was a pretty good race. The trophys were pretty cool, and everyone else got finisher pins.
I'm not sure exactly, but I think I got about 7'th or 8'th in the Ironman class. Which I think is pretty good, considering this was the first ride since we got the Z back together, and like the first 5 guys all usually ride pro. I lost almost a minute the first lap, because at the check I got confused when they weren't holding out that stop sign, and were waving me on. Later I found out, they were waving me on to tell me to go to the very last guy to have my thing punched. So I ended up going about 15 feet past the guy. Oh well.
Yeah, starting the classes seperate would be a very good idea. I went into the first corner mid-pack, so I kind just went blind. I had looked at that corner before the race started, so I kinda knew how tight I needed to take it and stuff. But I was more worried about the people around me then the corner. Quite a few close calls with other peoples tires.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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