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I'm going to go check into a alarm for my Wrangler sometime next week. I
figure the only things I need on it are a motion sensor and a shock sensor. Is
there a kit I could buy from some company and do it myself, or should I just
take it down to the local Circuit City or Best Buy and let the guys there
install one. I was also considering the new Sears security battery (Could this
somehow be wired to a alarm system that went I disable the battery I enable the
motion sensor and shock sensors?). I have a winch also, so I need a heavy duty
battery. I'm just as concerned as the next guy on my Wranglers security. I
also have a factory CD player and that's the primary concern for a alarm (with
a aftermarket one planned for the future). I also plan to puchase a Tuffy
console and behind the seat storage bin. Anyone have any experiences with Best
Buy or Circuit City's Alarm systems? Anyone got any reccomendations? Thanks

00" Wrangler


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To be honest, if you have something that you don't want stolen from your jeep, don't leave it in your jeep. Here in California car alarms are pretty useless. Nobody even cares about the horn and lights show. they hear it way too much. I have had jeeps for years and I have never (knock on wood) had anything of significant value taken since I got stung the first time. I just don't leave valuable stuff in the jeep. I usually don't even have doors or a top on it anyhow.
Good luck,


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