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Re: AJ\'s fiberglass bodies???

I have an AJs, had/have five problems. I have a crack at one of the hood hinges on the cowl. The
fiberglass separated from the metal reinforcement at one of the spare tire rack mount points. The grille
on the one piece front end molded just a little further back than it should be. The front flares didn't fit
quite right. I have a couple of stress cracks behind the left door.

The first two were probably my fault, I tightened the hood hinge too much and I got the metal too hot
when I cut out for the tailgate. The grille isn't a big problem, I even had room for the A/C condenser
coil, but it's close. I had to do a little 'glass work to get the front flares to suit me. Nearly all fiberglass
shows some stress cracks after time.

I've had mine about 6 or 7 years, and I am quite happy. I am the most happy with the one piece front
end, I can change the oil without even getting on the ground. Makes any engine work a lot easier too.

BTW-it's a CJ7
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