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Air Restrictor

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Rumor has it that there is an air restrictor that can be removed in 91 and newer YJ's. Removal of said restrictor should increase HP and throttle response (i.e.: more air).. It can be found between the air box and the air hose....

Will this affect my attempts at getting smogged?

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Jon, I pulled mine and had no problems. I did notice a very minute amount of increased pick up on acceleration (maybe).
I kinda think it's like a placebo..... if you want it to work you'll notice something. If your skeptical you won't.

I'd say take the 2-3 minutes it takes and do it. It's free right?

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I pulled mine out. Noticed a little more vroom near redline, but running dunes that's what I need. I agree that it takes about 3 minutes to do. Make sure that the holes in the housing where the little tabs on the restricter go are sealed when you put it back together.

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I do love those free upgrades--first this, then the gas tank increase, what other YJ tricks are lurking.../wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif When I yanked mine, I put on a K&N flat filter at the same time and noticed slightly improved throttle response in the 3,000rpm range. I've since switched to an air tube an huge K&N conical for a much greater improvement (not free, though).
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If I remeber correctly, my 95 had two restrictors, one into and one out of the air box.

I recently did the removal thing on my '94 YJ 4.0L and still think sometimes that the old gal is getting some Geritol pills. It is just slightly obvious to me at midthrottle acccelerations. Out of the hole it made no difference. (I know this is gears and cubic inches not breathing.) I don't use the Jeep at high RPM (it's a six after all) and there maybe an added good on the highway but it has not been noticeable like the around town midrange improvement has made itself evident to me. It is not imagination or 'wanting to believe' in my opinion since it gets my attention when I least expect it.
Go for it. There is no known downside to the whole exercise. And the earlier posts are correct about the time and tab holes.

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