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air pressure in tires on the street

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I just put a set of BFG Mud Terains on my cj7 and wonder what air pressure eveyone runs on the street at 32psi thay ride like rocks but i don't want to wear them out running them under pressure any help would be great thanks

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Tire pressure is something that is going to be different for every vehicle. I ran 31 inch BFG AT's on a 97 Chevy 1500 at 28psi normally and would bump it up to 36psi when loaded and towing. I run the same tire in a 33 on my 95 2500 4x4 Suburban at 40 psi no matter what I use it for; the truck is so much heavier this pressure seems to work fine, (the max for the tire is I think 55psi). On my CJ5 with 33 inch Swappers I run 26psi on the street and 6psi on the trail.

What you can do to get an idea is take some chalk and rub some across the tread then role the vehicle forward and check the pattern. Find a happy compromise between an even print and
something your butt and kidneys can live with.

As a little side note; I gave my dad a set of 31 inch Kelly DTR's(mud) tire for his Rodeo. I told him to run them at 28psi and he had no problems. Well on a trip from SoCal to Canada he stopped at a Srew-N-Lube who changed his oil and without telling him added air to the tires to the tune of 36psi. Pops didn't notice until he had driven a day or so on the fwy guess the road had been smooth; but when he did they were FUBAR.

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How could they be FUBAR at 36 psi?

On the CJ-7 I'd try 26 psi or so. We run 30 on the TJ and it works well.

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I have an 86 CJ7 with 32X11.50 BFG MT's and I've found that to get even wear across the tread I have to run 27psi on the street.

The chalk test is the best way to set air pressure for max life in street driving. For my CJ5 with 33x12.5 Goodyear MT's, that's 18 psi..... and the ride's not bad at that pressure, either.


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33's on my 7 with 20 psi.

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