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I have a 2000 2wd s10 and am currently in the stance gaining process with it. I have a 2" body lift on it and a 3" suspension lift sitting on my bedroom floor. After i get the truck sitting the way i want it, a little traction will be nice. i was thinking about a ARB Air locker but they are really expensive ($650 locker + whatever the compressor costs). i was considering this locker because i do a awful lot of onroad driving and like the fact that it can be switched on and off. i like the prices of the other lockers however (detroit, auburn). does anyone else make a locker that can be switched on and off? would i be at all happy with another type of locker or limited slip? also, i think i have 3.08 gears... need to be changed for 30s or 31s? and i know i have the GM 10-bolt, but are my axles 28 or 30 spline? thanks

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I think that a normal limited slip would do you good. i don't have one, but from what i have read, they help your on and off road driving. you can figure out what your gearing is by either, counting the revolutions of the drive shaft compared to one revolution of the tire, or you can get your RPO(?) code from your glove box and put it into the decoder on what engine do you have in it? i have a 99 regular cab with a 2.2L and it has 3.73 gears. so to run 31s i would need 4.10s or possibly 4.56... go to and go to their calculators page, it tells you what your optimum rpms for 60 mph is for what type of engine. hope that helps a little...


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Gues what!
The 4x4 S-10 had a locking diff. as an option. the gears are around $200 from G.M. If you have to change the housing it would cost around $300 at a salvage yard. I know summit sell em for more than G.M. and i think it will fit your housing.You can always call e dealer and ask or call summit.


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Well, for my 2 cents, a factory LSD is fine if you don't plan on doing much off-roading or burnouts! The clutches and springs inside eventually wear out after repeated use! Personally I prefer the Lock-right for both on and off-road use and abuse! It will take more abuse than your stock axles will also. They're around $400 for the new softer-locking type(better for the street)but definetly worth every penny(especially in a 2WD!) As for gears, if you have the 4.3 go with 3.73s for good power/3.42s for economy-less power. If you have the 4 cyl, go 4.10s or 4.56 for max power. That 2.2L needs all the help it can get to turn 31s!
Good Luck!

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