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Air Conditioners

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I am new to this site so bear with me in the event I make mistakes.

I own a R/Rover HSE 4.6 1996 Auto, my problem is that the air con squirts water inside the f/passenger side footwell. Prestige Walkerville tell me that this is normal, but I don't think so, however as my screen name states I would like an opinion from some one who knows more then I do.

It recently had a 160:000klm service, but prior to that Prestige had it for 6to 8 days fixing my A/con, as it had stopped working. This involvled taking the dash off etc, then when It was returned I was told every thing was ok.

Could some one who has knowledge off this type of vehichle please assist me with some information as the warning booklet is on all the time with a ? mark has it crashed again. Prestige tell me, well it is over 11/12 months since work was done end of comment.

Also my electronic key is not working, this has been ongoing from when I purchased the vehicle 4yrs ago. I have replaced the batteries twice, had Prestige do a check on all the components, & was told that some times the area you are in can cause problems, but orterwise every thing was ok.
Same responce from workshop when it went in for the 160 thou; service it has been a while since this was checked. looks like motor has gone.
My responce was, talk to the service manager he knows all about this, but no responce only to say it will cost quite a lot to fix these faults, thus my queeris, re the above.

Does anyone know of a good licenced & qualyfied mechanic or service garage that works on Land Rover 4x4s, I live at Murray Bridge but am prepared to travel reasonanble distance for the right machanic.

Awaiting your reply
thank you
non mechanic (aka) Peter
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not a range rover guy but....

it is normal for an a/c to generate water, however it isn't normal for it to end up on the floor. this may be a common problem with 12 year old rovers, but that doesn't make it right. don't let anybody tell you different. the good news is if it is common, then sombody else has also experienced this problem and knows the answer. there is usualy a drain tube from the a/c ductwork (where the evaporator is, looks like a radiator, cools the air in the heater ducts) to the out side. that tube may be plugged (spider webs, sand, dirt, lint,etc.) or have a hole worn into it or cracked from age. if the cause is a plugged drain then it may be cleared by locating the drain end of the tube and back flushing it with compressed air. if the drain it split then this won't hurt anything

it does not sound to me like prestige walkerville is doing you any favors by taking your money. a decent shop will take the time to explain what the problem, diagnosis and repair will be. sorry to say i don't know of any mechanics in your area as i live near vancouver, washington, usa. as a matter of fact so far i don't really trust any shops around here.

i will assume that the warning booklet is a service engine light. these can be triggered by (generally, not rover specific) oil change interval reached, o2 sensor fault or many other sensor faults. many shops and part stores around here have a code reader that talks to the engine control computer to "self diagnose" the problem. some vehicles will clear the code by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes with the lights on then reconnect and restart the engine. if the light comes back on somthing does need attention. if not then it was a false code.

my best advice for you is even though you aren't a mechanic to pick up a service book that relates to your rover. don't spend a ton of money on a factory service manual, around here chilton's and haynes run about $20. these books will give enough information to get the job done or at least help you to understand what the shop tells you when they talk.

good luck! i hope to have been help.
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