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Lee Byrd <[email protected]> writes:
I have a wonderful girlfriend and she is going to get me some stuff for
my jeep b/c I could'nt think of anything else for Christmas. I was thinking about
going to the local U-pull it and checking there for a stock compressor. I have a 71,
350 Chevy. I am looking for a factory air compressor to bolt up to the
engine with a minimal hassle. I am mechanically inclined but I would
like to keep the installation of this to a minimal use of the brain. I
know that there are several units that work with a 350, which is the
best, easiest to install. I classify "easy install" as anything that can
be done in one to two days, with the vehicle being able to be driven
with a 1/2 hour's notice. Any responses will be
appreciated. THANX YA'LL

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Most of the older, BIG chevy farm type trucks (like a C-65 ot C-85) had air brakes and some of them had small blocks, so those brackets should bolt right up, along with the compressor. They have a lot of volume at about 120 PSI. They are belt driven, and will sap a lot of horsepower, and run full time.
They do not produce enough volume to keep up with air tools, that is where air tank storage capacity comes in...

If I was just wanting emergency air, I would use one of the small electric motor driven ones. (stay away from Wal-Mart on this one. you don't need a toy)
They can produce around 120-130 PSI, and can be turned off when not in use. With the right storage tank, they are as useful as the big belt driven compressors. Cheaper to replace than the belt driven ones when they finally give up.
Air Ride Technologies (812-482-2932) have just the ticket, and they have air tanks. (Check the web site,

In the old days, we used to make bumpers out of tubing, and use those as storage tanks. We just used the local gas station's air hose to fill them up before heading to the boonies. A compressor sure would have made things more plesant several times. Air tools are almost as good as beer in cans!
Later folks, Aaron.

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The easiest compressor to mount on your 350 would be the GM A-6. This is the long, round unit that came on the earlier small blocks. Don't get the R-4! (short, fat, radial 4 cyld.) No lubrication, and notorious for coming apart. The A-6 has it's own oil sump, and even it's own oil pump. These are very good compressors and you should be able to come up with factory brackets which would make mounting a snap.

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