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For my first car, my parents bought an '83 Cj7 for me. As of right now it isn't anywhere near good condition, but all of the mechanical systems are great. Since this is my first Jeep, and first chance to 'wheel in my own car, I have some mechanical questions. Basically what should I do when: Bearings, hubs, fluids, etc. All of the trails around here are very muddy and I know I can't just do nothing. I want to keep the jeep running for a long time and I want to learn how it works. I have a good mechanical knowledge and can do most work myself (well maybe I have a little help). I have a model 20 rear with drum brakes, a Dana 30 front with stock hubs and disc brakes.



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ok.. for the first thing.. check the torque on the 2 piece model 20.. torque it to like 250 lbs.. second.. take your hubs apart and regrease them.. do this after every serious mudventure... third change all fluids in your diffs, trannies, and xnsfr cases, you should also extend the breather tubes so you dont have to do this so often.. check the engine oil and let her rip man..

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
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