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Advice on Door Panels & Exterior Weather Stripping

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Got those Nasty doors that were stock on 92's and I hate having to reach for window / Lock controls way down below the arm rest and flat on the door.

I would like to know if a 95' style will fit onto a 92'... or something else that will work in that syle.

Plus the door panels are falling apart the arm rests are loose and the screws are strippin' out.

The weather Stripping on the exterior of the door for the windows (The one that wipes the window on the way down), got all brittle and cracked up. It hurts like hell to ride with your arm out the window!!! So I need some instruction on what is the best way to replace that as well....

Thanks Gents!
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Re: Advice on Door Panels & Exterior Weather Strip

A 95 door panel won't work an a 92- You would have to change the dash to get it to match up. There are 2 parts to the window weatherstripping, the inside one is stapled to the door panel, the outside one is glued on, I'm pretty sure you can just pull it off.
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