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Advice needed on front end alignment?

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I have a 2000 Chevy 2500 4X4 Crew cab old body style with a 4" rancho suspension lift. I have 35x12.5X16.5 BFgoodrich Mud terrains on it. Since I bought it I am have alignment problems. I just had the new tires mounted balanced and aligned yesterday. About a year ago a friend was following me and said my truck was tracking sideways down the road. I had it looked at and supposedly the left front of the frame was rolled in slightly. I was told this is not uncommon for this model. Is this true? The truck has never been wrecked and I have not taken it off road hard, matter of fact I have only been off road once sine I bought it 2 years ago. Not that I am afraid of damage I just don’t know where to go. I had the frame pulled by a body shop and aligned at that time. Supposedly it was good. The old tires were worn bad do to the alignment being out. So when I got the new tires I had them put it straight on the alignment rack and they could not get the camber on both the right and the left front to come in. the adjustments are maxed out. Blow you will find the numbers that the computerized laser alignment gave me. Could someone give there option and possible options?
Thanks in advance.
Front Left
Actual Before Specs
-0.2* -0.2* 0.2* to 1.2*
2.3* 2.2* 2.0* to 4.0*
0.08" 0.02" 0.01" to 0.11"

Right Front
actual Before Specs
0.0* -0.3* 0.2* to 1.2*
2.6* 2.8* 2.0* to 4.0*
0.09" 0.04" 0.01" to 0.11

Over all front
Actual Before Specs
Cross camber
-0.2* 0.1* -0.5* to 0.5*
Cross caster
-0.3* -0.6* -0.5* to 0.5*
Total Toe
0.17" 0.06 0.02" to 0.22"

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This is what it sounds like to me (and I've seen it a few times in the shop). Someone brings in a lifted truck and we attempt to align it unless it has problems. Lifted trucks done RIGHT, we align all the time. If your torsion bars are cranked up too much, it will cause negative camber, and won't allow max settings to compensate for it. You might try cranking them down a bit and seeing if that helps. BUT if you do that you will lose some lift and your tires might rub.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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