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Does anybody have any suggestions as to what snowmobile would be best suited for use in Antarctica as a utility/support vehicle. A few considerations that need to be taken into account.
  • Operate is very cold temperatures
  • Long range fuel tanks and good fuel economy
  • Weight limit as it needs to be flown in by helicopter (under 600kgs)
  • Be able to attach and haul a sledge to the back
  • Reliable in all conditions and easy to maintain
  • Wide tracked for deep snow

There is the dream list of features! So far I have been looking at Ski-Doo Scandic SWT which are currently used in Antarctica by scientists.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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Longwalker, suggest you check out the Iron Dog - it's an annual snowmobile Poker Run/adventure/race in Alaska, covering similar conditions and requirements. Our coverage has some details (suggestions for riding gear, GPS, lights, emergency equipment etc) and maybe some contact names that could help.

2006 Iron Dog Start - - Snowmobile at

Iron Dog: World's Longest Snowmobile Poker Run - - Snowmobile at

WANT TO RUN THE IRON DOG? - Meet a First-Time Team, and follow along as they prepare for 2,000 Miles of Alaska's Toughest Snowmachining Adventure - Snowmobile at

2005 Tesoro Iron Dog ON it's way - Press Release - Snowmobile at
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