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Advance Adapter\'s SYE install questions

I'm in the process of installing this kit. Apparently, it is designed for both Wranglers and XJs and uses the latest main outputshaft design (ie. no needle bearings). My question is about the lock rings. There are two grooves on the main shaft for lock rings just outside the oil pump and it seems that the speedo ring should fit right between these two rings. The kit only comes with one lock ring of this size so am I missing one or if not where does this one ring go? On my stock setup there was no lockring holding the oil pump in (it is held in by the speedo housing). So does this one lockring goes in the groove closer to the pump or in the one farther away? Thanks.

'91 YJ,I-6,2.5" lift,Boomerangs,33s,D30,D35c,Lock-Rights F&R
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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