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Adding power brakes to 79 CJ5

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Anybody know if power brakes were an available option on a 79 CJ5? The booster doesn't seem to be available if it was. I'd like to add one, not so much because I want power brakes, but as part of my "poor man's locker" / traction control project; the idea is a valve to supply vacuum to the booster and operate the brakes via the control circuit even if the brake pedal isn't depressed. And before anybody suggests it, no, I'm not interested in the hydrobooster that works off the power steering pump (well, I'm interested, but it's too pricey and I'm not clear if I could adapt it anyway). If a booster is available, does it use the same master cylinder? Are there other donor vehicles I could take parts from (preferably only the booster, but booster / master cyl if required)?


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Yes, power assist brakes were offered on the '79 s. My last 79 CJ5 had power brakes. Check 4wheel hardware or Savanna Jones for the booster. Different master cylinder as well.

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