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I just recently purchased an overhead console and am going to install it manually into my 05 Jeep Liberty. When I took the light dome off the front I noticed that the clips on the overhead console won't match up. I am assuming that they must have changed the design but I have seen the 05 dodge durango overhead consoles and they look the same and it's an 05 (Dodge & Chrysler have the same overhead console that the Liberty's have). The console that I bought looks identical to the one in the 05 Liberty owners manual. I am wondering if someone has encountered the same problem and could point me in the right direction, maybe there is an attachment somewhere or something.

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Adding Overhead Console to Jeep KJ

There has indeed been a design change at some point. According to the online references, the OHC is a direct replacement for the domelight after enlarging the hole; however, this was not the case on my 2006 Liberty. What I found is that the mounting block that the OHC mounts into (as did the older model domelight) was not in my jeep. The simple solution is to add the black plastic mounting frame. To do so, get the frame, drop the headliner slightly to allow you to slide it into place above the headliner and use heavy duty mounting tape to stick the frame to the roof of the Liberty. One caution, though. The frame for the Liberty is NOT the same as the frame from the Cherokee or any other model I could find. I could not find one on the surplus market, but it was a simple order from Jeep Parts to get it in. I think it was $10 0r $15, but I don't remember now. I can scrounge the part number if need be. Let me know if you need it. Email is best N2WMD at works.
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