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I'm going to add leaves to my spring packs, but I'm not sure how to put the springs back together again. The original clamps probably won't fit, what do you guys use?

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You can order replacement clamps (National Spring?) or you could find a piece of channel iron and cut it into pieces approx. 1" long and use them. If you do this you will have to remove the old clamp and rivet and drill the appropriate holes in the channel and attatch to the spring with counter sunk machine screws or stove bolts. Holes will have also have to be drilled to allow a bolt to be installed in the top of the "U" shape to prevent excessive spring separation. Check for a picture (look in the middle of the left side. Sorry it isn't clicky, but Geocities will not allow you to link an image in their pages. If this still does not work, go to and look in the same spot at the right hand picture in the third row of pictures.

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