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Ack i need my fix

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hey quit chopp'in the zuk and finish the video

just messing with ya, how much longer?
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I understand your pain!

I am working on this year's ZookiMelt Video every chance I can get.

I am happy to report that I only have a few more things to do:

1. Finish the Saturday trail segment

2. Shoot the obligatory Introduction by Ack (difficult to top last year's).

3. drop in music beds and check audio edits.

4. Check the entire project for continuty (eg. Screwed up edits) and fix.

It is shorter than last years' yet more action packed. AND I tried to get everyone (really, every attendee!) some face time!

I am looking at this weekend for the big release... Still not sure if I will do a DVD version... time will tell!
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