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Accell wires & Distrib question

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Hey guys

a while back I picked up a Chevy 305 motor for $300. Its got a mallory ignition system, carb, cam, etc.

I got it running this weekend for the first time. The motor came with a brand new set of Accell plug wires. I am thinking that some of them are bad. Some of the wires would have great spark while others are really dim. Is there a way to check all of the wires before I throw them out? We did a resistance check on them and they were all about the same.

Distributer = I couldn't get the car to run right, It kept backfiring no matter where I timed it. FOR SOME REASON- Mallory had a little silver sticker on the pickup coil. This sticker screwing everything up! the spark was grounding out the cap. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT???? LOL. This sticker is the reason the guy sold me the car! He couldn't get it running right! I can't wait to swap this into my CJ....

Take care.

1997 TJ w/ 33's & 1984 CJ7 V8/35's
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If you think that's the only problem the Mallory Uni-Lite had, you are in for a real education.
Does it have the Mallory module/ Coil unit with it?

Unless the plug wires are the new Accel spiral core wires, they probably aren't worth your time to try on something else.

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Yes, there is a mallory coil. What other problems should I expect?

Yes, the plug wires are spiral core.

1997 TJ w/ 33's & 1984 CJ7 V8/35's
The spiral wrapped core wires are worth putting on another vehicle and trying out.
The plain graphite/ glass core wires aren't worth the time it takes to move them to another vehicle to test them.
Graphite/ glass core wires are exactly the same as the discount store brands for $20, so it's just a waste of time if you suspect them.

The Uni-lite pickup is about as undependable as anything I have ever tried to use as a module...
And I have used several dozen of them... Customers drag them in here all the time.
I won't warranty any engine that has a Mallory Uni-Lite module, or the Mallory Module/ Coil unit...
Just too unpredictable...

Mallory makes a magnetic 'Hall Effect' trigger to replace the Uni-Lite pickup, and it's dependable.
You can use that magnetic trigger on all factory modules, or the MSD module.
Any of the stock style high energy coils will do as good or better job than the Mallory coil.
(Mallory coils had to high of voltage, too low of amperage, and too short of duration)

PerTronics is making a flying magnet trigger to replace the Uni-lite.
Flying magnets are even more dependable than the Hall Effect triggers.
PerTrionics 1-800-827-3758.

MSD used to make a hall effect magnetic trigger replacement for the Uni-Lite, but I think now that Mallory is making them MSD has quit.

Don't get me wrong, the distributor it's self is a good unit. Much better than the factory unit.
Most of them had much better bearings, and were billet machined instead of cast.
(I'm not sure you need that much distributor on the street, but it's your vehicle)
It's draw backs were the Uni-Lite trigger, module, and non standard cap and rotor.

I don't like using anything off of the race track that I can't go into a discount parts store and get running.
You almost need to have an extra module, pickup, cap and rotor at all times if you depend on the vehicle for day to day transportation.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out...

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I appreciate you taking time to tell me all of that....

As I said,I got the motor for $300. I will hold onto it for a while and maybe drop it in my cj.

Thanks again!

1997 TJ w/ 33's & 1984 CJ7 V8/35's
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