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Accel Super Coils, Any good? or junk?

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anyone try those accel super coils? are they any good for anything or are they just junk that are $60 bucks

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i bought an engine with one on it, but i killed it one day driving down a very bumpy gravel road (at about 60mph for 12 miles)..i was curious to see how long they lasted, so i bought another one exactly like it with a warranty..that was last year, i may have to turn the bad one in soon!
it really does seem to work good though..

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
I got one on Xmas (wasn't what I had asked for /wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif). I found that it improved the idle and seemed to add a little pep. If you do get it, make sure you by some high quality spark plug wires or your just wasting your money.

Look back at some of TeamRush's posts regarding ignition upgrades. He mentions that the Accel Super Coil's are pretty good, but may not be worth the money. You can use the coil off from an 81 F-150 (check his post for the exact coil) and probably get the same performance improvements but for less money. He also gives great info on other simple - and inexpensive /wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif - ignition system upgrades.

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The Accel 'Super Stock' CANISTER type coils are all right, but the factory TFI coil blows them away.
The great big, huge, yellow, leftover mess from the 60's called 'SUPER COIL' is not a good choice, and is not supposed to be used with the DuraSpark module.

The point is irrelevant anyway, the TFI coil kicks it's butt also.

What I SAID WAS, If you are going to use a GM HEI 'Super Coil', Accel didn't have the problems a lot of the high output coils do.

Did that help clear it up?

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