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AAhhh! Now what?

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Hey all,

I just installed my 304 in my 84 CJ7. I noticed that I busted the oil dipstick tube. Right at where it goes into the block. Now What??????? How do I get it out?

Brian "A4x4jeeper"
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Run a tap in it then pull it out with a vice grip???? or run the
tap in and then run a bolt in just a few threads then a vice-grip????
I'm sure some one got a better idea/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif
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There isnt much of the tube I would hate to have to pull than pan.

Brian "A4x4jeeper"
Same thing happened to my 304. I had to force a bolt into the remaining part of the tube, then from below the jeep, grabbed the bolt with small vice-grips, then using hammer and long screwdriver, pounded the sucker up and out. It really will pop out - there's nothing holding it in other than the bubble in the tube as it goes down into the pan. When I installed a new dipstick, I added a "brace" that attached with a small hose clamp to a valve cover bolt to help hold it and keep it from vibrating. Been working good so far!

Keep on Jeepin'
Got a slide hammer? Do the bolt thing previously described, but, weld a nut to the top of the bolt first. Thread the bolt into the tube,then thread the slide hammer end into the nut welded to the top of the bolt. A couple of taps with the slide, it should come out.
(Slide hammer is on my Christmas list...)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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