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A Proposal

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As most of you know, the ballot recount in Flordia is becomeing more and more volitile. The Gore campaign and its supporters are not only calling for ANOTHER ballot recount, but for a REVOTE!
As we all should know at this point, that is completely unfair. If this happens it very well could tip the balance toward Gore, and we all know the ramifications of this!
Now, my proposal is this: If it is approved, and these counties in question are allowed to revote, we, the members of this community should rally for a revote as well, not just in our counties or states, but across the nation.
This is the only fair way for a situation such as this to be resolved.
So I ask you, as respectable American citizens, to demand a national revote if this situation arises.
Thank you,

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Duno but If they revote the whole contry should revote!with all the same style ballots not all diffrent types one set style no confussion straight forward BUSH or Gore!
Cheaper than paying a bunch of lawyers to figure it out and a dam sight fairer!The only guys that will win if the lawyer route is takin is the lawyers! Greed unlimited!

It would be up to the individual states to determine what ballots are used, as is done now. The federal buearocracy cannot determine that.

The democratic party approved that ballot and they had it in the papers and available before the election so people could see. Approximately 4% of the people there screwed it up. That means the other 96% of the people had the intelligence or ability to fill it out properly (or asked one of the workers there how to fill it out properly). It wouldn't have been hard for them to have figured it out or asked. You're supposed to check your ballot before you submit it in the first place anyhow. Ignorance is no excuse. And Mr. Bush will emerge from this mess as our President, as he rightfully should.

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