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WildCJ5 and rkcrawl, Congrats! My brother had his first little jeeper a year ago, still no wheeling though. JEEPNCHICK and I have no kids as of yet, unless you count the dog, cats, rabbit, and all our jeeps as children. When we do have some human children, we'll bring them up as jeepers. We appreciate your bringing more jeepers into the world that will carry on the tradition of wheeling and uphold the moral values associated with the jeeping genre. You both seem like great people and we wish you the best of luck, may good fortune smile upon you.

Mark & Vicky Courtenay


'81 CJ-8 Scrambled!
GM151/SM465/NP205 twinstick/7"Lift/33"TSL's/IHC D44's 4.10's Lock'd
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