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a mojave in the sand

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I have a 1997 Kawasaki Mojave and i was wondering if anyone had had one up in the sand dunes and if they had how it did, and would you suggest I go up and try it out with mine. Also will i need sand paddles?
Thank You

Jim Ballantyne
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i would go with you to play in the sand. i have an 88 mojave, but it needs repairs before i can take it anywhere. the lower ball joints are bad in it. only $46 a peice. in about a month i should have it ready again. i rode mine around in sand before and it performs nicely. never been in sand dunes though. want to go up to silver lake sometime this summer. you don't need paddles. i wouldn't buy them unless you are going to be ridding dunes a lot. well that is my 2 cents.


'89 S-10 4.3L
'88 Kawasaki Mojave
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