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Dyslexia, what a problem... I think that this problem is what makes half the mechanics in the world choose mechanics. I did not go back to college until I was 38 because I remembered how "dumb" I was in High School. You all remember the lines:

He's not trying hard enough.
Hie's bright, we just don't understand why he's not doring better?
He is lazy.
He's not concentrating hard enough.
He never learned the basics.
He's just plain stupid.
He's a special child.
He needs special classes.
He's slow.
He'll never ammount to much.
He'll never get a good job.
He'll never have a normal life.

Well, experts come and go, and theories change with the wind. It's an amazing thing what the human spirit can do when given half a chance. If any of you have kid with dyslexia support them and help them to never hear any of the above tag lines. They can overcome the problem, it won't be easy, but then the measure of the success is defined by the struggle.

Hats off to any of you out there in Jeepdom who have this problem, or one like it and have overcome!

Good Jeepin'

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