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ya, its for the upcoming clean snowmobile challenge in michigan.

Some higlights of our engine:
Billet cylinders
Billet head with replacable domes
In-Cylinder Fuel injection
Custom designed exhaust pipe
Based on the polaris 600ves bottom end

its taken us about a year to get this far. a PILE of design work i tells ya.

more pics

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What displacement is it?

Where in michigan (here is the challenge at? Hopefully it is a ways away. There is absolutely no snow here, ANYWHERE! It sucks, we are all still on bikes are 4 wheelers.

And are you the "tard" in the hat and red and black gloves

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Didn't know they still used that one. Call the wife that once in a awhile.

Joel, beauty motor. Nice touch, the swirls around the spark plug holes.
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