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A few engine/ transmission questions

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Where can I get the 4.5 stroker kit, the jet chip/throttle body kit, and the supercharger for a 4.0 and how much should it cost? (Where could I buy a complete engine built this way for that matter?) Last weekend I got my Jeep back from the shop, the front two seals had been replaced along with the timing chain and had the radiator flushed and new hoses put on since I've been overheating lately. I drove to Orlando Saturday, a 2.5 hr drive. It was all I could do to get 70mph out of it, it was borderline to overheating, and the rear main seal, the one I had fixed just last year there, blew out.... This damn engine has to go! I dont want the fuel mileage of a V-8, even if a 350 would cost a fraction of the price to build, it would still tear my AX-15 apart...the AX-15 that wont go out of first gear now, even though the shifter is stuck in nuetral...that happened out of nowhere, while driving slowly through some Palmetto bushes. Any clue what happened?

My Jeep is just a leaky submarine in disquise
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Putting it back on top. I really need to know where to get some of this gear or who to go to to get the engine built this way as I want to have this done very son, like this summer, before I dump any more money into my 258/HEI/Weber38 engine that I'll be selling...

My Jeep is just a leaky submarine in disquise
that stroker 6 will probably lunch your tranny too..

HESCO makes kits, and all the trimmings I think

just plan on an engien/tranny swap together and youll be happier

77 CJ5, in a bunch of sanded and primered pieces
Is there a 5-speed Manual Transmission that is heavy-duty enough to take this engine and still bolt right up to both the engine and the transfer-case? I thought the AX-15 was a pretty beefy transmission....

My Jeep is just a leaky submarine in disquise
The syncro assemblies like to crack and bind up the trans in whatever gear they happen to be in at the time. The parts to fix it aren't cheap. The 5.2 Magnum V8 and NV3500 give around 14 average and 17.2 best MPG, in my CJ8, only 1 mpg less than the Howell EFI'd 258 I had in it before, with double the horsepower! The trans cost $700, less than the $900 asking price for the AX15, at Scottys' 4X4 wreckers in Fontana, CA. The engine is plentiful, and relatively cheap, usually around $1000. The stock YJ ('94-'95) 4.0L hydraulic clutch setup fit the Dodge trans perfectly, and no adapter was needed to the t-case. You do have to make your own motormounts though. The Dodge NV4500 would work perfectly in this swap too. Just some thoughts!

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