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a/c belts on 225 engine

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I am putting a stock a/c unit on my 225. I have no pictures in manual on how many belts and how they line up. Have also put p/s sag unit on. At present p/s unit is on drivers side and a/c and alternator is on passenger side. If you can drive belt from water pump pully I would use 3 belts. One from crank drives p/s. Second drives a/c and water pump. The third belt goes from the water pump to the alternator. Can this system work? Can any of you please advise what the set up should be. The p/s pump is off a v-6 or 8 buick.

Man this is some fun??????????????


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I had the factory ac unit on my 225 before i sold it to jeepster jim. what i remember is that the alt and ac bolted to the same brkt with the alt right below the ac unit. the belt for the ac went to a v-belt pully that bolted to the front of the ballencer
i beleave their was 5 or 6 bolts. might talk to jeepster jim about it hopes this helps

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