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a/c belts on 225 engine

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I am putting a stock a/c unit on my 225. I have no pictures in manual on how many belts and how they line up. Have also put p/s sag unit on. At present p/s unit is on drivers side and a/c and alternator is on passenger side. If you can drive belt from water pump pully I would use 3 belts. One from crank drives p/s. Second drives a/c and water pump. The third belt goes from the water pump to the alternator. Can this system work? Can any of you please advise what the set up should be. The p/s pump is off a v-6 or 8 buick.

Man this is some fun??????????????


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thanks, I got the bracket. it appears on the only picture that I have, that th altanator(sp) fits below the A/c on the bottem of the bracket. However, I now wonder what the mounting bracket for the Alt looks like. I only have side shot of the enigne from someone who was selling one with A/c. I added the p/s and it is on the driver's side feeding off of the crank pulley. The a/c is clear where it goes on the waterpump pulley and the crank. I assume the Alt just runs off the water pump pulley as there are only two spots for belts on that pulley. Soooooo, I need to know if that set up is right and what that Alt bracket looks like that goes on the A/C compressor bracket. Can you give me any suggestions. Thanks.

Terry, I can see how one ear of the alt goes to the bracket but can't figure out where the sliding bracket for belt tension mounts on the a/c bracket or engine. Thanks for the help.

1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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