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97 TJ Fuel Gauge Inaccurate

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Had the fuel sending unit replaced once at the dealer sometime ago and not working properly again. Any ideas or heard about this?

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It's very common, so much so there's a recall, #755, to replace the sender with an updated part. The sender is made by Bosch. It gets a corrosion buildup on the sender card that can be cleaned off with a pencil eraser for a temporary fix. It's possible that the last sender that was replaced was of the old style, they usually start to go bad around 15K-20K miles. The guage will read 1/4 with the tank empty. Check with your dealer to see if the recall hasn't been done yet. If it has been done, and the dealer won't repair it again, get them to give you the number to the Chysler zone office, they probably will authorize the repair due to multiple complaints. Hope this hoelps, good luck!

Ours did this, we're on the third one. The second one was apparently replaced with a defective one as well. Take it back to the dealership and let them know what's going on. The third one works fine.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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