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\'95YJ Rear Shock mounts

The bottom rear shock mounts on my '95 YJ keep breaking/ripping off. I've rewelded, reinforced, etc. Does anyone have a bullet proof system for attaching these things? What about welding a shock bolt onto the plate under the springs that the u-bolts go through? (I have the usual spring under system.)
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Re: \'95YJ Rear Shock mounts

It sounds like your shocks aren't long enough! The only reason for the shock mounts to rip off the axle is weight/flex is putting too much stress on the mount. Never seen it happen before with the correct length shocks. If this is the case, a CJ style shock mount (on the spring plate) won't help. Check it out by unbolting the shocks and jacking up the frame until you lift a wheel off the ground. If you can't easily extend the shock and slip the bolt through it, that is your problem.

Mike H.
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