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95 YJ Defog & Wash/wipe diagram needed

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I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could scan me the diagram for the pins on a 1995 YS Hard Top's Defog and Washer/Wiper switches.
I have diagrams for the relay and the rear grid and motor.
It's just that I have new switches and do not know which pin is which.
The hardest one to figger out is the defog switch's "on" indicator light.
This one comes from the relay to indicate the relay has been activated.
This means that battery voltage goes to one pole and feed back voltage from the relay goes to another for the lamp. Plus there must be a ground for the lamp.
I am afraid of cooking the (expensive) switch by experimenting.
Anyone with a manual and a scanner could sure help with this.
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I have the '95 FSM at home and can take care of this for you this evening if noone responds before then.

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