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94 Tracker lift with auto ??? RangerRick

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Grumpy and I got the 5:13s switched from my 90 Tracker to my 94 Tracker today. My next move is a 3" body lift. I have an automatic transmission. Is there anything I need to look out for. Any suggestion welcome.
Best Regards RR
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Ranger, I put one in my tracker. Not hard. Be sure to disconnect fuel filler hose b4 lifting body. Also, LF brake hose in fender well gets guitar-string tight if you don't disconnect it from the strut first. Pop off the vacuum line to the map sensor on firewall. Not a big deal but may tear the vacuum hose and I never seem to have the size I need hanging around
It is also a good idea to disconnect the intake hose from the plenum.The auto is cable operated, no problems there. You will need to fab a new t-case lever. I just cut mine off at the base and welded a new rod to the old one that went in the t-case. If it's a calmini, they (i believe) supply brackets for the front bumper mounting. The rear is a bit harder to raise from what I hear. I went with tube bumpers so it was a non issue. Hope this helped.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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