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It doesn't look like this forum gets used to much so we will see how this goes. I am used to the Toyota and Jeep forums in the past. Well I recently aquired a 94' Ranger 2WD reg cab long bed truck. It has the 4.0L V6, auto and a low 47,000 miles on it. I would like to put a suspension lift on it that would clear 31" tires and some custom bumpers front and rear with receivers (for towing and removeable winch I can hook up front or rear when needed). I will probably need to swap gears since I believe it has tall 3:54 or taller, besides I would like a limited slip back there. And finally a good set of skid plates to keep everything safe. I need to be able to tow 4000# with it on occasion but will mainly be using it for commuting, back road exploring, and pulling my 14' fishing boat. So I am just looking for suggestions on what manufactures I should go with and any other ideas/info you can give me. This will be my first prerunner and I really just need it to have more clearance and be a bit more capable than stock. Most roads here in the SW have decent traction if you can just keep the wheels down and the body/frame off the rocks. Thanks
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