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So I was out hitting the trails the other day and while waiting for another jeep to get out of my way, I started hearing a ....fwap fwap fwap fwap fwap..... and the sound of rushing water from behind the dash. It takes about 10 seconds before her temp redlines so I shut her off and let her sit awhile...after starting her backup she runs fine but just a little hot...any ideas of what that sound may have been? Also, whenever I turn her on now I hear the same sound of rushing water from behind the dash but not the fwap fwap....I figured she was just low on fluids and was pumping back through when started up but shes topped off on coolant and isnt leaking any...any ideas, is it about time for some parts replacement? She doesnt over heat anymore, but then again now its finally cooled off down to freezing instead of the 75 degrees it was when this first started....Thanks for any help...
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