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I 'm having a problem with my Kodiac 400 ATV. I was driving along at about 20 klms. per hr and it locked up
on me to a dead stop. I actually thought I had caught something on the ground. I got off and checked but there
wasn't anything underneath. I then backed up and heard some grinding sounds. I put it in forward and it seemed
to work okay. Over the weekend I still used it and heard a couple of more clunks . It never did lock up on me since
the first time, but I'm concerned about it and would like to repair the problem. If anyone out there knows what my
problem is, please Email me.
Thanks Maurice


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I owned a '95 a great work horse, take fill plugs off front and rear differentials stick wire to bottom pull out check for silver metal
in oil, maybe a gear went? drain both and look at oil. that would be my guess, diff bearing or gear.

good luck


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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