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I think I need a new heater core. My heater is blowing smoke that smells like antifreeze even when off. I have a 1991 Wrangler, and it has the after market Chrysler A/C. Do I have to remove the A/C unit to get to the heater core? If so, can I do that w/o losing the freon? If not, how do I get the assembly out? The Chilton manual is not very helpful.



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I won't swear to it but I bet you have to remove the a/c.
Contact your dealer for info.
I used to install aftermarket air (ARA).
Chrysler uses more in-house resources than the others and I've never done a wrangler. Best of luck. I hate non-factory a/c. Sorry but it's one of the most expensive piss pour ripp-offs out there.
I used to have to fix cherokees w/ less than 20k that could'nt keep belts on the things do to design errors./wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif
Sorry for babbling....... the dealer is probally the only one who can give you info on this unless you still have paperwork on who did te install and who made it , if you have that contact them.

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