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90 Cherokee stumper

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Gentleman (and any member of the opposite sex) start your brains. 1990 Jeep Cherokee limited 4.0 liter straight 6 engine with no modifications. I was driving down the road, and with no advanced notice, I hear a loud pop and the engine dies. Under the hood all looks normal. It took quite some time to get the engine to start which normally starts easily. Upon getting it started again I determine that any use of electrical power causes the engine to die. This includes blinker, flashers, brake (lights), etc. Sooo, after I decided it wasn't going to get me home I called to get my money's worth of the AAA membership for the new year. While waiting I turned the ignition off and turned on the flashers. They worked fine. I can't think of any other facts to help but throw any questions at me that might help and I'll respond ASAP.

Thanks in advance for any response that might help.
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Check all your wire harnesses for frayed spots they are dead until you use them, somewhere one is frayed and when you use something electrical it shorts out thus killing the engine, had this happen with the electric window switch once
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