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hey guys,

i just got a nice pioneer head unit,replaced all the stock speakers, but can t find a schematic for the stock harnesses
i have (2) plugs---1 for speakers and one for power, my hanes is missing that section, if anyone has this could you shoot me a copy---- [email protected]
or post it here

thanks much
i could just wing it but i don t wanna butcher it



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have you tried going to walmart (right by the radios) or some parts store to find an aftermarket radio wiring kit. I got mine from crutchfield. The wires on the aftermarket harness are labeled, so you just hook them upto the pioneers harness and snap it all together with the stock harness. Piece of cake!!! I've tried splicing into the stock harness, but found that it's too much work. With the aftermarket harness, you can do all of the splicing to the radio outside of the dash then just plug it in and slide the radio in.

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thanks guy, i just whored a couple of forums and this

is definately the suggested way to go,

thanks for the input


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wow--in and out of wal-mart in 5 minutes
dam, i didn t know they had so much stuff in there--

anywho for those who care---SCOSCHE MOD#--FDO2--for

full size bronco 1987-1996

comes complete with both harness connectors

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