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89 S-10 Blazer Tahoe for sale $900 OBO

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Want to get rid of this truck. It runs and drives good. The motor smokes a little bit. The tail lights went out and I tracked the problem to a blown fuse. I put in a fuse and smoke started coming out of the dash. I immediately disconnected the battery to minimize the damage. (It had top post battery adapters and I got it off fast) I don't know if it will be an easy fix or not and haven't even started on it. I just want $900 out of the thing.

It is a beautiful truck with all the options except the sunroof and nerf bars. It has PW, PM, PS, AT w/OD, 4.3 liters, cruise that works, tilt, tint, A/C, digitial dash that works, etc.
Right now I can hook the battery, start it, shut it down and disconnect the battery if you are interested.
Wayne @ [email protected] or 509-292-8367 before 9:00 P.M. Spokane, Washington area. Have car trailer and can deliver it locally as far as Newport or Couer d'Lane, Idaho.
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