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I have an 88 YJ also with the 999 automatic. It is a good tranny, and has held up to 201,000 miles so far.

The swap would be a direct bolt in for the engine in your Jeep. I am not exactly sure if you would need to make any changes to the transfer case, perhaps an input shaft or something. Also, I have heard that the driveshafts are different lengths going from the standard to the automatic, so you may need to address that too. Also, to go to the auto, you would need to buy a shifter. This could all add up to ?$

If you want to keep a standard, the AX-15 is the newer wrangler standard tranny, I think, and is supposedly quite good. I do not know if it can be mounted to the 258 inline 6 that you have however.

The option to keep the please-go peugoet tranny may cost you quite a bit - I've heard to get them rebuilt is pretty expensive too, and buying one from a junkyard is rolling the dice - they didn't last long to start with, and you may only get them to cover the tranny, not the labor to get it installed, then you would be paying even more $ if you ran into trouble....

Sounds kinda expensive either way. There are lots of options with older trannies from the CJ era, because you have the older 258 engine, but how that will all fit together with the newer np231 transfer case would need to be looked at.

Good luck

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