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I had to leave my wrangler sitting for 4 months (running fine before)
when I came back, it wouldn't start. I changed the fule filter, disconnected
the fule line under the hood and tried starting it to check the fule
pump, sprayed starter fluid in the air intake, changed the air filter,
and removed a sparkplug and grounded it to check for spark. Everything
above worked great, I did notice that the spark plugs were dry when
I took them out which made me think they weren't getting any fule.
I took it in to be serviced and was told it needed a new ignition coil,
manifold, crank sensor, distributor cap, and roter. It seems to me
like I wouldn't have a spark if I needed half that. Any help would
be appreciated


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Watch the throttle body with the air cleaner off to see if any fuel is being squirted into the throttle bore by the injector while cranking. If not, and you have spark, check the wiring to the MAP sensor (small black plastic rectangular box with one vacuum hose and a green three wire connecter). Sometimes a little corrosion or a loose pin will cause a no start. Also, check that the TPS isn't sending the computer a wide open throttle signal, causing it to enter a "clear flood" mode which would shut off the injector. You can purchase a "noid" test light that plugs into the fuel injector connector that will flash if you have the normal pulse of electricity to the injector. If it has power pulses, and no fuel comes out, the injector is bad. No power pulses, with spark, then you may have a bad computer or a wiring problem between the two. A dealer has the proper tool (DRB2 and a Jeep/Eagle adapter)that hooks up to the computer system on these early Jeep (Renix) systems that would make a quick diagnosis of the problem possible.
If you have fuel coming out of the injector while cranking, check that it isn't water! I had a customers car that was in a body shop for a month with the gas cap off that had a quarter tank of water in it! The water is at the bottom of the tank where the fuel pump pickup is. The water forms beads on the throttle blades, where gas just looks wet. Hope this helps, good luck!

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