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hi this is mike. i just bought a 88 ram charger 4x4 with the runs great after cleaning the egr,and plugs and wires.on the master cylinder the front chamber was dry.i have filled it and bleed the brakes till i got clean fluid,on all four wheels.i did not get any air, and the only chamber on the mastercylinder the needed refilling was the front.the baxck brakes are working fine but the front do not move at all.i have good pressure while bleeding on the front and the back How do i reset the perportioning valve? on my f-250 79 you hold the little nipple out with a clip and bleed them. then very slowly push the brake peddle. while my wife pushes the peddle on the ram the nipple pushes out on its own when the peddle is pushed. what is the trick? thanks mike
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