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88-89 250R's Why are they better?

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88-89 250R\'s Why are they better?

I read that the 88 - 89 Honda TRX250R's are better?? Didn't say why.
Can anyone tell me.

And how is a 87? I might be buying a 87.

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Re: 88-89 250R\'s Why are they better?

Well, I think the 88 and 89's are regarded as better because they were built later. The newer the better, right? They recieved a few chassis updates that aren't on the other years, like a 1" shorter aluminum (instead oft steel) swingarm, and some other small things in the brakes and suspension which mainly eliminated parts. There were a few tranny changes to improve the clutch feal, and spark plug changes, but nothing really drastic. Unfortunately, these two years also got an improperly designed right spindle, causing one side to camber more than the other in turns.
The '86 250R has the best cylinder, in that the exhaust port is an open hole, instead of the restrictive bridged port the later years got, therefore allowing for more power potential.
The '87 is probably just as good as the other years. It doesn't really matter cause you can swap parts to make one like the other for not a whole lot.

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