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I have a line on a 1987 or 88 Polaris 250 RES. My daughter needs a 4 wheeler just for fun around the farm. Were these early Polaris models OK as far as durability? I believe they have chain drive, I'm not worried about that. I'm more interested in engine/clutch/transmission life and performance. Thanks in advance.


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I have a 89 ? 250 polaris without reverse and electric start just a pull start and its old and abused and it constantly starts up every second pull. I am surprised that it does since i`m the third or forth owner of it. The clutch and belt will be of no problem if its being driven without adding real big tires and deep mud running where a lot of pressure is applied to the belt. I have the same bike for the most part and it will be an excellent beginner for the ease of learning and they are very comfortable to drive, lots of fun for a young child, boy or girl.
good luck!

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