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Will I have any problems putting the Fuel Injection form my 90 on the engine of my 87. I have the wiring harness and all the injection parts. I want to put the engine and clutch assembly from my 87 into the frame of the 90. I plan on simply bolting the manifold with the F.I. on the 87 engine and bolting the clutch to the 90 trans. Is this going to work?
Also I have heard the the 90 trans is geared different from the 87 trans. However I do not know how or what. Does anybody have thid information.

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The 90 Tranny should have a lower 5th gear than your 87. I would think the bolt on FI would work fine, but dont forget the FI runs at a high fuel pressure, so the fuel pump from the 87 won't push enough fuel for the new FI system. As far as the clutch, I think it will probably work, I don't think they made any meaningful changes to the clutch throughout the Samurai production. I've never seen more than one part number for the clutch! Ofcourse, this is all conjecture on my part, since I've never attempted it! But I think that would be a pretty good guess!
Hope this helps

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Your '90 frame should already have the electric fuel pump back at the tank. The '90 transmission will bolt up fine. You may need to use your '90 exhaust manifold too, because the EFI O2 sensor is mounted in a lower position where it will detect the oxygen level for all 4 cylinders.

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