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Howdy folks, I am new here. A fairly new jeep owner. I do have a 98 jeep Grand Cherokee as well. I have just bought a 86 Grand Wagoneer, 360 dana 44 front and rear and a np228 transfer case with a 727 trans( have not confirmed the trans yet but do think this is what it has and a 4 inch lift, and had a few questions. I am looking at converting the hubs to Manuel, wanted to know if this was a good thing to do. It has a np228 transfer case I believe. How are these? are they good? Next, does anybody know what/where the fusible links go to that leave the starter relay. I have one that has a big short in it. When ever I turn on the key it pops. Before I tear all the wires apart, I was wondering if this might be a common problem fix or am I destine to the long untapeing process. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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