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84cj7 258 question

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Hello Experts.

84cj7 w/258

I know everyone hates these 258's with all of the hoses, wires etc. I am having some problems with it idling. The jeep runs great while on the gas but when I take my foot off it wants to die and sometimes does. It sounds like a miss in the engine.

I have been told that there might be a vacum leak so I am going to check that out. The carb is rebuilt. Some of the emissions isn't properly connected so I am going to re-hook up all of the hoses correctly and see what happens..

Any other suggestions?

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I would certainly check for a vacuum leak. If you have the Carter BBD carb on it check the metering pin. If it is extended out completely, it indicates a vacuum leak because it's trying richen the mixture. You could try spraying carb/choke cleaner at the base of the carb or intake manifold looking for changes in idle speed too.

That would be my first check. Also check your PCV system.

My 2 cents.

Cool, Thanks.

I checked to see if there was a leak at the carb and intake and there isnt.

I will check the pins.

I also had a rough-running 258 w/computer & BBD. I removed all of that computer crap, and installed a non-computer BBD and it runs super!

Hey Jay,
whats all that needs to be done when you take the computer off? How complex is it? Does everything get taken out?

I am no machanic but have trying. Thanks. you can email directly if you want, [email protected]

Brian "A4x4jeeper"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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