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looking for some serious advice for a build-up of an 84 ford ranger 5spd 2.8L
4x4. have about had it with the 2.8L and all of the smog crap. haven't been able to get much help locally getting it running good. is there a swap that will still allow me to pass smog?? if there a list of different changes required with each of the engines that are worth considering in a swap? such as if i go with a 302 (5.0) what trans, rear end, driveline, etc. i like the idea of no timing chain or belt with the 2.8 and if i could dump the smog gear i think it would be worth keeping, but i've got just about new everything when it comes to smog and even a new carb and it still runs like crap. took it in and had a guy do the best he could with it and got it to pass smog so i could register it, but it still runs like crap. i can't see living with it the way it is. any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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